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I do have treatment in the MS clinic at Walton and I am one relapse and one brain lesion away from the diagnosis, so anything to do with MS affects me greatly.

In March 2017 there was a report about Social Care and the MS community

To quote the MS Society website:

There are 89,000 people living with MS in England and many of them, at some point, will need care and support to live their daily lives. That might be support from family and friends, voluntary organisations, private care agencies or social care.

This report looks at what social care is and who provides it. It uses information from a survey of 11,024 people across the UK with MS between February and April 2016, making this the largest collection of patient-reported data from the UK MS community to date.

According to the report:

85% of people with MS rely on unpaid care. Family and friends are having to stand in for a failing system.

Since the Conservative government have taken a scythe to the welfare system the number of people with MS not getting the care they need has risen dramatically.

From personal experience with this system I know how hard the road is for someone with a similar illness. The amount of phone calls and assessments before you even get the first decision takes months, sometimes more than a year! And then the people assessing you have no idea about the effects of the condition on your mobility or daily living.

So, please email your MP now. Help us to get the support that people with MS need!