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NaNo poster

I don’t think there has been a NaNo I’ve participated in where I have been more organised! Not only am I writing for NaNo, but I’m also writing another novel and editing a journal article as well! It’s a crazy but fun time this November and I am really psyched about NaNo this year.

Not only am I motivated by the challenge that this event presents I am also motivated by what I plan to do with the chapters I write. This year I am launching my Patreon and I am using what I produce during NaNo as rewards!

Basically, my Patreon gives people early access to my shit writing. 😛 They get to comment on and even make suggestions, though that is not all, of course. I won’t be submitting first drafts of the chapters, they’d have been proof read and beta read first. I’ll also be offering “free” commissions” to the higher tiers as well as the other rewards (which will basically be chapters of various stories I am writing.

So yay for NaNo! And yay for Dragon which will be saving my wrists a lot of pain!