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“When study becomes labor, we had better change the subject-matter as quickly as possible” – Henry S Haskins

Whether it’s a project that doesn’t feel right or a relationship that’s gone sour I think sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “Am I doing something wrong?”

In the context of a project I think it can be an easy trap to fall into, to be overly harsh in judging your work. Yet sometimes the material genuinely needs to be rewritten/reworked or abandoned in favour of a project that makes more sense. I recently scrapped two novels because neither synced well with me. They were a part of a past that I was trying to leave behind and were becoming a labour. So, I changed them.

When it comes to¬†people it’s not so easy to make changes either in yourself or in the relationship. Over the years I’ve had various friends and parting of ways, it is inevitable really, but recently I did ask myself whether I was doing something wrong. It didn’t take me very long to answer, mostly because I had tried – harder than I knew I should have. When a relationship is that hard to keep going then you are an idiot if you keep trying so hard. It became a labour and it was not worth the work. Like the project/s I dumped the cost/benefit analysis weighed heavily in the “cost” column.

Bye-bye, Drains. Bye-bye worthless projects. Bye-bye wastes of my precious time.

Hello stress-free leisure time and equal relationships.