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I don’t often get very philosophical about “joy” or happiness because I am at my core a realist, or a pessimist depending on your perspective. I expect bad things to happen and to get upset – I’ve always been a rather sensitive soul, and to me that makes the good times all the more special. So when good shit does happen I prefer to enjoy it rather than over analyse it.

Since it’s Christmas though I figured this would be a good time to at least talk about it and reflect on the good things that have happened to me recently.

Most of my happiness is in the context of my life, so my physical pain and emotional doldrums come into play here a lot. Because of the enormous amount of physiotherapy I am having (three different physios, one for neuro-rehab, one for my wrists and another for prepping me for the pool) I am in massive amount of extra pain, however, because of this I am in the best physical shape I have been in since getting sick in 2012. I find I can endure more pain but also I am very selective for what I endure that pain for. So, for example; awful amount of wrist pain to maintain roleplaying website – not worth it, Masters degree in Health Psychology – absolutely worth it.

Picking and choosing my battles has made me far happier as well. One thing being sick has been good for in my life in general is that now when people are jerks I have no qualms about dropping them from my life immediately. I don’t hold a grudge, I simply pretend these people never existed, much less stressful that way.

Finally, as much as I am not someone who is made happy by “things” last night when my sister’s insisted I opened my Christmas present from them early so they could see my face, they couldn’t really have predicted how happy their present would make me! It wasn’t the physical present that made me feel that way, but rather the fact that even after we’d had a falling out a couple of years ago and only got back in contact this year, they still know me so well! They got something off my Amazon wish list without even knowing the list existed! It’s a private list, so no one but me can see it! And they didn’t buy it from Amazon but from a shop in Liverpool City Centre called Quiggins.

To sign off then, here is Lilith the Fallen Angel, the ornament/statue that they got me as a gift:

Christmas Pressie

Merry Christmas all and have a happy new year!