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In my 38th year of life I face in the first 2 weeks of 2018 four gruelling appointments at the hospital. First it’s physio for my wrists – which is hands down the most painful of my treatments. Then I get to see the rehab physio two days later to work more on my core strength and legs. Next week I start more physio with Aintree LOSS, a weight loss service, the aim being getting me fit for surgery later this year. Then finally it’s the steroid injection in my left wrist. This won’t be the end of it. Every two weeks I get to see all three physios. Wrists, rehab, weight loss, wrists, rehab, weight loss, wrists, rehab, weight loss.

Don’t get me wrong, this is all excellent treatment and all free on the NHS, so I am supremely grateful for it. They all have a specific purpose too, and a worthwhile one at that. I mean, strengthening my wrists should mitigate the awful pain, strengthening my legs and torso should help the back pain as well as improve mobility, and the last one could literally save my life or at least make the second half of my life more pleasant.

I have a 7 year (health) plan. Lose weight by the time I am 40, all the while still trying to get pregnant. When my BMI is below 30 I am pushing for IVF if we’ve not had a successful pregnancy. Then by 43 if there is still no joy we will begin trying to adopt. By then we’ll be in a secure financial state since I’ll have finished my PhD and will be on a proper psychologists wage. ^^

So, I guess what I am saying is fuck the pain and bring on the physio! lol