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So, am not one for advertising and I don’t get any perks for talking about this in my blog – I am literally just really happy using this software and want to share it.

Since NaNo in November I’ve been using Dabble to help organise my creative writing projects (of which I have many!). I’ve tried other software over the years, most recently I attempted using OneNote and though it was good it didn’t really have a fiction story writing focus. Evernote was similar and other softwares were either too clunky or just too complicated.

In steps Dabble.

It’s such clean and easy to use software and it’s really helping me to focus. Also, organising plots and characters and accessing that info is dead easy.

The guy who created it, Jacob, is also super helpful and seems to have a really promising roadmap for the future of the software.

Finally, it’s got an offline app as well as an online version – both of which I find supremely useful.

Dabble 1Dabble 2Dabble 3