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So very close to getting that house! We got offered a bungalow and though it’s in a dodgy-ish postcode it’s got just about everything we want and has everything we need, most importantly! Just waiting for the lease to start so we can move!

Some bad news during all this upheaval though. I lost data from my computer and it included my Master’s research project. I think/hope I can get the raw data from uni/my supervisor, but I am not holding out hope. I can still do what I need it’ll just be harder and take longer.

Also, unfortunately, had bad news on the baby front. Though it was never confirmed, I likely had a very early miscarriage. I know it is more likely to happen at my age, so I am looking at the positives, I am just saddened by being so close yet still, seemingly so far.

Anyhoo, more good news than bad, so onward we go!