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Tuesday is moving day.

For first time in my adult life I’ll be living in a house. Yay! I cannot express how happy this makes me feel, we’ll have a back garden, so the cats will be able to have fun outside, will have a front garden with the tree, again so the cats will have fun outside hopefully not getting stuck up the tree though! Though one of the rooms is much smaller the kitchen is larger and is the bathroom is more usable, I actually really like the fact that the bathroom is a proper wet room! One thing that is possibly a nice problem to have is that I can’t use which room to have is the bedroom. On one hand the smaller one (which just about fits our super king bed) would make a good bedroom because I plan on spending a lot less time in it and having a smaller one would discourage me to be in there. However, on the other hand having a large bedroom is pretty fucking awesome! And the living room wouldn’t be that small.

So today we are going to get keys, pay our first weeks rent, take some more measurements, and generally start planning how we want to use the space (and Simon will panic that we won’t have enough room for our stuff).

Wish us luck in packing up all of our crap, we are so going to need it!