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In the weeks since the TM Away Day in Manchester I’ve found myself super busy! The contacts I made there were fantastic, and I gathered the courage to contact my own neurologist (as a researcher not a patient) to ask her for help from the Walton Centre. I want to collaborate and she is one of the head researchers there – it was fate! Anyhoo, she’s been awesome, has given me excellent advice and I am gonna meet with her once my proposal is finalised and before I’ve gotten funding and go to ethics. It is guaranteed that the specialists will be handing out my flyer to TMers and MSers which calls for participants but I might get to work with the patients as well! Fingers crossed!

When I actually begin my Doctorate at LJMU I’ll be doing regular classes but also a few workshops at the beginning so I can teach lectures and do seminars and workshops (mostly with undergrads). Earning while I learn eh? Noice. Also it’s my intention to lecture once I’ve graduated so great experience!

In the meantime I am working hard on beefing up my CV with the following:

  • Published articles (my own with my supervisor and contributing to others in various ways)
  • Research Assistant credits and experience in:
    • Qualitative research (practice for my own research)
    • Neuroscience (closely linked to pain if possible)
    • Literature searches (practice for my dissertation and my systematic review)

Thus far I am working on all but the qualitative stuff, which I have a lead on as well!

It’s fun doing this work even if it is unpaid, it’s all worth it.