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After doing the education session yesterday with a dietician I am more convinced than ever that bariatric surgery (specifically the gastric-bypass). I’ve weighed up the pros and cons, thought hard on this for years, especially since the TM, and it is the best way forward for me.

The diet changes are not changes for me, they are what I eat anyway!

The benefits for sure outweigh (yes I am punny!) the negatives. For example, there will be excess skin (keeping fingers crossed for nan’s genetics here for elastic skin!) however I’ll be in remission for diabetes, not have reflux anymore and have normal BP. Though the diabetes remission and BP changes can be done via conventional weight loss the reflux cannot be cured any other way. Also, the skin excess is inevitable no matter how I lose weight. And I am fully aware the NHS won’t likely pay for surgery to get rid of it. That is something I’ll likely save up for. >_>

The fact is this is not just about my weight. In order to conceive and to be a mum in general I need to be lighter and to do IVF in a few years (they won’t offer it now even with a lower BMI because I am fully fertile) I need a BMI of 30 or below. Yes, life will be just fine without a biological kid but I still want to try. After the miscarriage in Feb (the gynecology nurse confirmed that yesterday) I am determined to give this a proper try. I’m not perimenopausal and don’t need a D&C but I am going to have my menstrual cycle “jump-started” next month with progesterone etc.

Though I’ll be on less rice and pasta I’ll still have lentils, chickpeas and quorn! My vegan/veggie diet was the best decision I ever made. It’s a scary prospect, the operation as well as the recovery, but it is worth it. The other thing we are doing is gradually reducing my portion size to that of a child so I am already in that habit for post surgery. ^^