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…and I love it!

My schedule atm is:

  • Sunday: Eriad Game (DM)
  • Monday: Sanctum Game (Player)
  • Thursday (ad hoc): 1×1’s (DM & Player)
  • Saturday (fortnightly): Werewolf the Apocalypse (Player)

The Eriad game is the first time I’ve been the dungeon master and we’ve reached our 25th session (started the game at the end of January). I love my players and really enjoyed preparing the sessions, as well as kicking their asses and my NPCs getting theirs kicked too! I wish I had more time (and less pain) so that I could do the gdocs associated with the game. We have fun every week and they are engaged with the world and story, so I feel like I am doing an ok job!

As for being a player, I’ve learned so much from the DMs and Storytellers who have run campaigns and continue to run them. So thanks to Kai (my first ever DM!), Tobias and Whuffie and I look forward to the Jane Austen-esque game Clare is going to run too!

Having given up forum roleplaying almost a year ago I am so glad to have replaced that hobby with tabletop. TT is more engaging, the people are more reliable and the game is just more fun overall for me. Plus, my wrists don’t hurt from doing it! 😀