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One of the most iconic brands in the UK and worldwide and definitely our best broadcaster is shamefully leading the way when it comes to gender-equality – and not in a good way. This is hardly news, but I still feel aggrieved and angry on behalf of female broadcasters when I see this:

BBC likes paying men

For those not sure about the gender of Nicky Campbell, he is an old white dude. In fact, these are all middle aged to old WHITE DUDES.

It makes me wonder why I buy a TV license, we only started getting one again before the world cup and since then I’ve mostly watched Escape to the country, Versailles and Poldark. More white dudes in lead roles. HOWEVER, the new Doctor is a lady, and that starts soon as well as the BBC making Good Omens and and His Dark Materials (which has the heroine and main character of Lyra, a teenage girl).

I just really want to see a woman take Chris Evans place and for her to earn as much as him, maybe even more. We all know it’s not going to happen though, since the listeners will follow him to Virgin and the new host will not be paid as much as a result.