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Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been exposed to political and philosophical debate, and I was taught to look at all sides and have an informed and intelligent opinion. My parents were not rich, my father came from a poor background in fact and my mother was lower middle class. They were both politically active in the 60’s and they passed this activism on to me at least. The truth is, is’t not hard to be involved, or to find out what’s going on locally or even nationally (if you are British and have access to the internet you have no excuses).

However, somehow two years ago a slight majority in this stupidly rich country voted to leave the EU. How did this happen? Well, not only am I likely in the minority when it comes to upbringing on the subject, but most people of voting age in this country are willfully and dangerously ignorant. Even when they do vote they often do not know what they are actually voting for.

Case in point. Facebook. The litany of faux and stupid political rhetoric on that social media site is toxic and does more harm than good. Fake news abounds and people very likely made up their minds about Leave because of what they saw and read in their Facebook feeds! So either they didn’t bother to vote or they voted to Leave.

Ergo, you get posts like this:


There is no way to get the horse back into the stall, it’s bolted already and we are heading for more than another recession – we are facing isolation from the world market on several levels and many companies will leave these shores meaning people will lose their jobs. The NHS is already buckling under the pressure, and the government is using this as an excuse to privatise it. It’s a mess and there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that this mess will be cleaned up in the lifetime of those born next century.

Too fatalistic? Too dramatic? *shrugs* I voted to Remain and I volunteer and I do research to better the lives of sick people, my conscience is utterly clear.

*drops mic*