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As I write the title of this blog I cannot help but roll my eyes a little at the term “single” as well as get a little annoyed that it’s even relevant anymore. What is more relevant than it should be is being a single woman.

Last week I read that single women pay, on average, almost £800 a year in car insurance, yet a single male only pays around £400. The same punishments apply for loans, mortgages, even healthcare. It’ll only get worse with the UK exiting the EU, maternity rights are already being affected and we’ve not even officially left yet.

I want to marry Simon, I am looking forward to the day, the simple ceremony and lunch with friends and family. What I resent is that my life will be better off simply for having that piece of paper. I’ll be seen as Mrs Woods before I am seen as Claire and that bugs me more than I wish it could.

I’m 38 today and am having a rant on the internet about equal rights – I consider myself lucky.