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It’s that time of year again! I am already 32,500 words in and it’s only day 12! I set myself a goal to be finished by the 18th, since my November is super busy. I’m combining this writing effort with my PhD work in the afternoon so by the end of the month I’ll be ready for my interviews and whatnot. It’s all very exciting!

Also at the end of November is my little sister’s baby shower. I was struggling to find her a present but I think I might have stumbled across something that will fit as either a baby shower pressie or for Chrimbo. I can’t believe I am gonna be a bonefide aunt in nearly a month! Christmas baby, woot!

On the subject of health I’ve been in a crazy amount of pain (need to chase up the neurologist for my pain clinic referral) and I’ve had laryngitis. The latter meant that tabletop had to be cancelled for this week since no voice for the DM means no session! I am doing Out of the Abyss tonight though, since I am a player I can be quieter – plus my voice is nearly back so yay!

Oh, my NaNo novel is for my eyes only, I’m using it to decide what I wanna write for Patreon and what sort of content I want in my fantasy novels. I’ve gotten a better perspective on smut this past year and I feel really confident about weaving adult material into my fantasy stuff, so another positive.

Finally, I am now officially Mrs Woods after marrying Simon on Halloween! Check us out!