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Recently I became an aunt for the first time, my little sister giving birth to Isabella (Izzy to me). She is adorable and I already want to spoil her way too much!

I also recently found out that it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever have children of my own. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. I’m not ovulating and by the time I lose enough weight to see if I can ovulate and conceive or even have IVF I’ll be too old. So… no biological children for me.

I’ve decided to focus on the following:

  • PhD
  • Driving License
  • Getting a Dog
  • Being an awesome aunty

Eventually we’ll look at adoption, probably once IVF is ruled out (maybe before depending on finances).

All in all I’m feeling a little numb, not sure how to move forward so taking a break this week and trying to get my applications for the PhD done before the end of January…