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Recently, Simon and I finished binging Critical Role Campaign 1 (Vox Machina). I am most definitely a fully fledged “Critter” now and absolutely love all the characters these guys created and play week to week. What I also really appreciate is seeing how another Dungeon Master does things, especially since I am a rooky (been DMing for a year now). I see a lot of things I already do that Matt Mercer does, as well as adopting some of his things – the homebrew rule for using a potion as a bonus action for instance!

Even though I went on a short hiatus from my homebrew game last month I’ve still been working on it with my co-DM and my players, we are having one shots and 1×1’s during the “downtown” from the regular weekly session (where I have 6 players!). I love building this world with them and testing them and surprising them, I just really needed to be a player for a couple of months and focus on righting to holes in my homebrew and working with the players to give them what they want and need – being as fair and creative as possible on both sides.

I’ve been thinking about making content for DMS Guild as well, doing Eriad Campaigns with unique monsters and 5e classes… Got to sort out my PhD first, of course! *bites nails*