The Art Space

If I had a mansion then I would certainly be able to afford versions of all of my favourite pieces all around that huge house. For now (and likely forever!) this website is my mansion and here I keep my favourite pieces, original to me and usually are of my characters (or Simon’s).

I’ve spend thousands over the years on commissions and I intend on spending many thousands more – got to keep these artists fed, right?!

Below you’ll find the contents for this part of the site, so enjoy and feel free to leave comments.

    • Art to Soothe the Soul – This is a collection of the art I’ve had given to me or have commissioned myself over the last six years.
    • Art of Inar – One of my favourite artists to commission, these elves are beautiful!
    • Art of Tomasz Chistowski – Another artist I greatly admire!
    • The Gift of Art – This is all art of my characters that have been given to me for one reason or another. Some were requests (when artists ask for ideas and stuff and draw your character for free) and some were birthday and Christmas gifts.