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Claire Field was born on the 13th October 1980 and is an English psychology graduate who is a 2011 alumni of the University of Liverpool and also trained in a Masters in Health Psychology from LJMU (2017 alumni). She was born in Truro, Cornwall and moved to Luton, Bedfordshire when she was two years old. In 2006 she moved to Liverpool to be with the love of her life, Simon.

Claire began writing at the age of seven, unbeknownst to her parents this was a coping mechanism for abuse she was suffering. When he mother died at sixteen she lost herself in the world of writing and used it to help her grieve. After leaving school when her mother passed she took to being the primary caregiver for her six younger siblings. Over time she stopped writing poetry and began writing in the fantasy world she conceived at the age of 11.

Then life happened again. She met her partner, Simon Woods, and with his help went back to college and completed her A Levels, achieving straight A’s in English Literature, Psychology and Sociology. University came next and she graduated with a 2.1 in Psychology.

You know the drill by now, of course, life happened again. This time it would put a hold on her five year academic career in 2012. Instead of either taking internships or offered phd places she found herself getting MRI’s and eventually ended up housebound and in a wheelchair. The diagnosis of CIS and probable MS came in December 2013 and since then she has been adapting to her new life and looking to get her career as a psychologist back on track. It has been during these years of sickness that she had used writing, once more, to help her.

All through these good and bad times Claire has been a writer. Whether she gets published or not she does not care, for it’s been her coping mechanism and means more to her than a print legacy (though she’d not say no to that either!).

Currently she is living with her partner of nine years next to the beautiful Sefton Park in Liverpool in a two bedroom apartment where she has a fabulous view of the Welsh mountains and the Mersey River. She has an older cat named Kismet and a younger cat named Aria and wants to get a dog that is trained for disabled people. Claire also wants to have child, either naturally, by the IVF gods, or via adoption.


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  1. platosgroove said:

    I am a psychotherapist in a rural Southern community of the United States. Look forward to learning form you.


  2. Hi Claire, I’m glad I found your blog today. I’m a writer too, with chronic pain and mobility problems. 🙂