The Home Place

This is primarily my blogging space, so to help you navigate here is a break-down of the site:

  • CLAIRE DOES BLOGGING: Click the main menu link to go to the blog stream – which has all the blogs on the websites. The drop-downs include a list of links that go to the main categories for the blog:
    • Claire Does Random – reblogs, random ditties I find intriguing or just plain silly. The gif dump. Etc.
    • Claire Writes Things – Usually posts about writing, goals, dreams, difficulties, announcements about new projects and the progress of current ones.
    • Claire Does Psychology – General blogs about general as well as talking about my research.
    • Claire Draws Things – My journey learning to draw. When I start art lessons and get an ipad pro/cintiq tablet then I’ll have posts here. Also will have drawings and galleries here.
    • Claire Makes Things – This will be for my graphics, and then when I have the full adobe suite it’ll include fonts and stock as well.
    • Claire Does Politics – Anything regarding general politics will be in here. Beware of the Rants. lol
  • THE ART SPACE: This is currently the index page for my blogs about others art and art I’ve had commissioned or been given as gifts.